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Draw inspiration from previous works for your own custom piece of handmade jewelry.

progress on an 18k and demantoid engagement ring
raw peridot and tourmaline crystals in 18k gold
18k gold and diamond engagement ring
lineup of mixed metal MHJ rings
mixed metal bangle
18k sapphire and diamond ring
mixed metals and garnet
Green tourmaline and mixed metals
Emeralds in 18k gold
18k and opal earring commission
green tourmaline in 18k gold, citrine accents
mixed metal pendants
18k sculptural pendant commission
Australian opal and garnets in 18k gold
mixed metal and mandarin garnet
gold and multisyone brooch
malawi garnet and mixed metals
boulder opal , mixed metals
tourmaline, 18k gold
watermelon tourmaline in 22k and 18k gold
gold and silver in Quartz set in mixed metals with diamond.
Bicolor tourmaline, 18k, sterling silver
stack 1 final .png
final stack 2 .JPG
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